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Training Programs

Training To Assist You In Reaching Your Financial Dreams
What You Should Know But Were Never Taught!

- T.R.E.B. & R.E.C.O. (Do’s & Dont's) Rules of the Road, Conduct/Code of Ethics.


Time Management
- Being in business for yourself – Do You Really Understand What It Means?
- Learn To Be A Business Person First.
- Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan -Your Roadmap To Financial $ucce$$!


- How To Get the Buyer Representation Agreement signed every time!


Lead Generation/Conversion
- How to create leads and convert email enquiries to Buyers and Sellers.


Personal Website
- The importance of creating your own Personal Website.


Prospecting Techniques
- Farming, Door to Door, Letters, Flyers!


Preparing for the Listing Presentation
- The Listing (Interview) Appointment - First or Last Salesperson In -Overwhelming Strategy!

- Competitive Market Analysis  v.s. Comparative Market Analysis.
- Multi-Tier (Earn More) Commission Presentation Program - 4%, 5%, 6% & 7%
- Value Added Benefits - Why List With Me!

- The Price (Reduction) Review - starts the MINUTE that you list the property.
- The importance of the Deed, Survey and Mortgage Verification (avoiding litigation)!


Preparing the Agreement of Purchase and Sale
- Deposit cheque Do’s and Don’ts.
- Professional and Effective Clause Drafting (You really don’t understand)!

- What the Ontario Real Estate Licensing Course did not teach you!!!


Presenting the Agreement of Purchase and Sale
- Preparation and Presentation Strategies.
- At All Costs, Avoid the Silent Treatment.
- Procedures in Presenting Multiple Agreements (The Auction - Disaster Awaits)!


Creative Ad Writing
- Advertise concept, not brick and mortar. Never advertise the Number of Bedrooms!


The Sign and Ad Call
- How to take control!


Qualifying and Meeting the (Prospect) Suspect
- Early signs of intent and never meet at the property!


Handling Objections
- Successful salesperson = professional objection handler - Eliminate the smokescreen!


Open House Techniques
- How to control the traffic + keep curiosity seekers out!


Closing Skills/Techniques
- Probing and analysis!


Win-Win Negotiating
- Effective Negotiation Skills.


Stop Mortgage Fraud
- How To Recognize a Fraudulent Transaction.


Understanding Financing
- High Ratio, Conventional and Variable Rate Mortgages.


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